USAGO is an American 2nd Amendment association that is dedicated to the preservation of our individual liberty to keep and bear arms, to protect our families, and to continue the legacy established by our forefathers.

To accomplish this goal, USAGO seeks to provide our Members relevant self-defense and firearms training, a nationwide community of like-minded American gun owners, and the lowest possible pricing on guns, gear, & ammo in the marketplace.

USAGO members are better equipped to protect themselves, their loved ones, their communities - and better equipped to protect the 2nd Amendment.


USAGO is a community of people like you. Americans who value personal freedom and the right to safely and responsibly own a firearm to defend their families and loved ones.

Exercising your Second Amendment rights is about more than just personal freedom. It's about family, and about protecting everything you hold dearest in life.

At USAGO, we understand. Our community of Second Amendment advocates help responsible Americans exercise their right to keep and bear arms in defense of themselves and their loved ones.

As a USAGO member, you'll learn from professional firearms trainers and experienced operators who can arm you with vital self-defense and concealed carry skills. Whatever your shooting experience, and whatever your background, USAGO can help you prepare yourself for the ultimate in confidence and peace of mind with a firearm.

We'll also help make sure you're equipped with the products that you need. USAGO members can purchase many of the industry's top guns, shooting equipment and ammo at factory-direct prices, with bonus member-only discounts from partner brands. Our products are sold at zero markup with zero credit card processing fees. There's no hassle, guaranteed. And no gimmicks. Only incredibly low prices and easy shopping for the gear you need. Shipped fast and FREE* directly to your door or your local FFL dealer.

*Free shipping available for select membership levels.


USAGO aims to protect the 2nd by GIVING BACK to its Members!

“Our goal is to EQUIP more Americans with the TOOLS, TRAINING, & GEAR that we all need to think, act, protect, defend, vote, and raise the next generation of Gun Owners in a way that ensures the longevity of 2nd Amendment for future generations.” - Taylor Wood, Founder.

USAGO Gives Back In 4 Key Ways:

1. COMMUNITY - We have established a private, close-knit NATIONWIDE NETWORK of Gun Owners that all share ONE COMMON GOAL: Protect the 2nd Amendment.

2. TRAINING - USAGO provides expert-level trainers to provide On-Demand Educational Videos ranging from situational awareness and basic firearm safety to elite-level Krav Maga, self-defense, and even tactical shooting training that can be streamed FROM ANY DEVICE, ANYWHERE.

3. COST SAVINGS - Our strategic relationships with industry-leading manufacturers and suppliers allow us to offer Guns, Ammo, & Gear at Wholesale Prices (or even lower) so you can afford to maintain your stockpile!

4. VOICE - We give our Members a voice by letting them vote on essential matters and collectively select which 2nd Amendment organizations USAGO supports.

Giving back and equipping our Members in these ways ultimately strengthens American gun owners’ ability to fight anyone who attempts to tread on our 2nd amendment rights.

Protect Your Family. Know Your Rights. Defend Your Freedoms.

As firearm owners, we believe we're stronger together. When we're united. And when you join USAGO, you get the strength of a network of responsible gun owners standing tall beside you.

By constantly monitoring the political arena for any signs of threats to your rights, our experts are able to deliver timely, important updates to members. So you can stay informed on the latest from around the firearms industry.

Our network also provides you with shooting tips, information about your rights to self defense and other expert advice from professional instructors, law enforcement officers and military personnel. Our blogs and podcasts will help you understand how to exercise your rights safely and legally while defending your family.

While you do not have to be a Member to enjoy all the USAGO has to offer, Membership guarantees you get the lowest prices on all your guns, gear & ammo - along with unrestricted community & training access. Furthermore, your membership supports the cause to defend our Nation’s gun rights.

Protect your family. Know your rights. Defend your freedoms. Join USAGO.


Member and customer satisfaction is our primary mission. We've outfitted an elite, U.S.-based Customer Service Team to ensure your USAGO experience is on target, every time. Team members are standing by to take your questions about orders, USAGO account info or the products on our site.

USAGO members get access to exclusive benefits, like expert-level firearms and self-defense training, member-only discounts on gear, and incredibly low factory-direct prices on guns, shooting equipment and ammo. Plus, they get the support of an online community of responsible, passionate gun owners just like them.